Friday, June 29, 2012


Jambo from McKenna & Cooper!
                Today was our 6th day and 2nd work day at the school. As you might know, we have been digging holes and plastering walls to prepare the plumbing for toilets and sinks to be installed in the girls dormitories.  Today was a little bit more exciting because Andrew, Blaire, and Mrs. Losey arrived! We were all really excited to see them. We even had a “welcome party” at the pool for them with treats from home, like peanut butter.
                As expected around this time of the trip (don’t freak out), a few kids have been getting stomach and headaches, but nothing serious.
                Tomorrow, we go to our home stay for two nights. Everyone is anxious, but we are all hoping everything turns out well and it is a memorable experience. No one will be blogging for the next couple of days because we will not have access to the lodge or a computer.
 We miss you all and cannot wait to see you all!
Xoxo McKenna and Cooper
The Powell family - I can’t wait to see y’all! I’ve missed you every day and can’t wait to talk to you!!!  Hope everyone is really good and I love y’all!
The Monk family – No worries, I’m alive. Miss you all a ton! Hope you’re having fun without me! Love you!
                Fun Facts:
                The kids at Banjika think Andrew is from China and Blaire is from Nigeria.
                They call Shomari “Biggie”
                The tea they serve everyday to us tastes like hot southern sweet tea, which is perfect for us!
The kids assume we are capable of eating three loaves of bread…each. We have yet to consume three loaves of bread as a group during the past 6 days.
We’re going to a clinic on Saturday to talk to a retired American doctor, a Safari on Sunday, and an orphanage on Monday!
The babies here are the cutest things we have ever seen. Pictures to come!